Returning To The Source Of Your Soul Seminar Series

Returning To The Source Of My Soul

Teshuvah in Hebrew is formally known as repentance. Teshuvah actually means to return. Return to what? Return to the source of our Soul, also know as G-d, The Divine, The Holy One, The Creator.

Whatever your spiritual path, religious path, tradition or customs, the act of returning to the Source that is beyond all existence is by its very nature healing. It is healing because we re-align and re-turn our hearts to face the Divine. Sometimes our hearts get distracted with worldly accomplishments and sometimes our hearts become consumed with mundane matters, leaving us tired and hungry for spiritual sustenance.

This process of Return is the basis for healing from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pains. It is through this process that one can cleanse and purify their deep heart and soul.

Imagine a horse at the Kentucky Derby, the horse is at the start gate waiting for the sound of the starting gun to go off and the start gate to open, so he can charge forth and begin the race. Once the horse is out of the gate, it can only see what is directly in front of him. Why? He has blinders on that prohibit him from seeing to the left or to the right. All that is important is for the horse to see what’s in front of him… the finish line, the focus of where he is headed.

Learn the art and benefits of putting on spiritual blinders, so we can only see what is before us …The Divine. Receive the benefits of focusing the mind and consciousness to where your soul really wants to travel, returning to your life’s mission and soul’s purpose.

Join Mordechai (Mark) David Naseck on an inner journey and exploration of the soul and its yearning for fulfillment in life.

Six hours of wisdom, healing experiences, and transmissions from The Holy Land for $72.00.

All Tele-Seminar session recordings, notes and information is included and will be sent to you upon registration.

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Mordechai (Mark) David Naseck