Cancerous Tumor Healed in 3 Minutes ~ Gregg Braden

The famous gregg braden healing video which he mentions in his lectures, showing the healing of a tumor with Chi Lel Chi Kung, pranic healing, use of Chi energy or how you want to call it in a few minutes visible on a real time ultrasound scanner. On the left side of the screen a still picture of the tumor, on the right the real time picture and the tumor just faded away as the therapists started chanting a keyword which the patient and the therapists have agreed to use, meaning already healed and done. Indeed mind over matter and basically no surprise if we acknowledge that matter and energy are inseparable, for matter is only another state, a lower vibrating form and so it becomes solid to us. If one can use the field, the matrix, the mind of god, how ever you wanna call it, it is possible to cure the very imbalances in the body field and synchronize it with the chakras and the frequency of the earth. It is merely choosing another quantum possibility from the field we can chose consciously or decline the healing to occur – subconsciously or even consciously. This is how powerful we could be and will be, not for exercising power and control over others, but to heal and use it for a harmonious, caring purpose for all – and we will.
Excerpt from a 1996 by Luke Chan made film.

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