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God and Conflict’s Philip Hellmich Interview with Mark Naseck

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https://www.marknaseck.com/cms/audio/Philip Hellmich Interview with Mark Naseck.mp3

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Meditation in Tzfat (Safed) Israel calms hostilities in Lebanon (1978)

Meditation in Tzfat Safed Israel calms hostilities in Lebanon (1978)

Maharishi’s Program to Create World Peace: Theory and Research

David W. Orme-Johnson and Michael C. Dillbeck

Maharishi International University

Fairfield, Iowa, U.S.A.

(Excerpt from page 231)

In order to calm the hostilities in Lebanon, a group of 400 experts in the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field went to Israel to the town of Safad on the Lebanese border. Before the group arrived there had been continuous heavy fighting since mid-June 1978. The cease-fire of October 8 (initiated shortly before the group was assembled in Safad), lasted a remarkable three months until members of the coherence-creating group left in early January 1979. At that time fighting erupted again which was described as the “worst onslaught since October” (Lebanon News, February 1979). Thus, this period of peace in Lebanon coincided with the period in which the coherence-creating group was in Safad.


Full PDF available at https://www.mum.edu/pdf_msvs/v01/orme-johnson.pdf

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People From 40 Countries Have Listened


Tele-Conference Replay Listen NOW

If you missed the live event last week you can listen to the REPLAY



Last night’s call with kabbalistic healer Mark Naseck opened a deep healing space… as Mark guided us through the process of healing from the inside out by finding and clearing old damaging wounds that have become stuck in the heart and soul.

The entire call was really one profoundly moving, soul-healing meditation… but for the last half hour Mark led us through a very powerful healing session which is still opening and shifting things for me, and for many who were on the live call. If you didn’t have the chance to experience it live, don’t worry … you can hear the replay, right here:


And… If you would you like to learn to heal yourself and others from the inside out … now you can! For the VERY FIRST TIME EVER, Mark is offering a teleseminar training in his own kabbalistic healing modality – at a very special discount only for listeners to Quantum Healing and Soul.

This training will be a profound personal healing experience, and in addition, Mark will be giving you the same wisdom, techniques and tools that he gives to the clients he’s worked with at the world’s finest spas and resorts, ocean-liners, conferences and spiritual retreats. Throughout the program he will be helping you to download this information on a deep internal level… not just to your mind, but also to your heart and soul. Go here www.marknaseck.com/events/kabbalistic-healing to learn more about this awesome program or to purchase at the special Quantum Healing discount.

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Quantum Healing, Consciousness and Soul Tele Conference

I have been invited to present at the Quantum Healing, Consciousness and Soul Tele Conference on December 9th, 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern Time.

Please click on this link to register and listen to this event for FREE.


I look forward to being with you then.

Love & blessings,


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